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URBAN CORE is a private company that creates solutions to societal challenges – in this case, the international refugee crisis affecting more than 60 million people in over 1000 refugee camps.


It is the company’s goal to create an operative organisation that, through partnerships with other private companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations, creates new, knowledge-based employment opportunities whilst helping some of the world’s most vulnerable to improve their quality of life. Employment opportunities that can strengthen and challenge process and product development, as well as ensure investment and increase productivity and growth, in both a Danish and international context. The core values of the company are based on internationally recognised CSR principals, and thereby provide a framework for sustainable development of both product and process. 



We are facing a global financial crisis, with 60 million people displaced around the world. Of these, 20 million have left their home countries, two million have applied for asylum in a new country, and 40 million are internally displaced within their own countries (according to Danish Refugee Council figures).


Syria’s neighbours, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, are experiencing increased pressure on their resources. Lebanon and Jordan have both reached a tipping point, with over 25 percent of the population of each country classed as refugees.

The capacity of these countries to provide sufficient energy, healthcare and education are, as such, unable to cope with the continuous population increase. At the same time, the political will to carry on accepting refugees is dwindling. Europe has, to a lesser but still significant degree, experienced during the course of this fall the effects of a lack of initiative and timely response at home.

If therefore, we take responsibility, show the way forward and enter into binding commitments to humane solutions in neighbouring countries, we can contribute to better conditions for both refugees and the hard-pressed populations of their host countries.

We must recognise that refugees, just like anyone else, are able in many ways to provide for themselves. It is necessary for decision makers to recognize that refugee groups want and are capable of autonomy as well as economic and political self-sufficient. A clear framework must therefore be provided for a normalised existence with opportunities for taking part in socially and culturally constructive initiatives, farming, production of clothes, aiding healthcare, repair work and creating and supporting infrastructural frameworks. 



 When a persecuted person crosses the border to a peaceful country and is detained in a refugee camp, their self-perception is changed from refugee to ’citizen’. With this perception in mind, they wish to take part in the normal structures of civil society – employment, school, playing sport, visiting friends and family – all while contributing to their new country. In other words, they want to live as normal a life as possible in the given context.


It is URBAN CORE ’s vision to show the way forward for how the affected refugees can contribute to the development of the existing physical and mental (cultural and social) structure of the refugee camp. We want to involve local competencies and resources as well as people that have suffered war in the mutual support of a civil society and functional social order based on the establishment of various recreational, social and technical mechanisms that provide the structure of a liveable life. We want to provide a model that, through cooperation and partnership between Danish, Jordanian and Turkish businesses, organisations, authorities, educational institutes and the affected people living in the camps, financed by both private and international development funds, can create better conditions in the camps for the lives of children, youths, adults and the elderly.




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